PolyPixos —

Poly-dimensional Metaverse Companions

6 min readNov 11, 2021

PolyPixos is an upcoming 3D NFT character collectible made up of 8 subspecies of harmonious alien creatures, soul companions designed to guide you into the Polyverse; a place outside our limited understanding.



PolyPixos — The 8 subspecies

Who are the PolyPixos?

The PolyPixos are a hybrid species inhabiting an alien universe of many dimensions known as the Polyverse. Aware of humanity’s struggles and brewing destruction, their mission is to help us overcome our individual and collective traumas, in turn improving world balance and maintaining dimensional equilibrium.

PolyPixos is a project co-founded and imagined by Giusy Amoroso (@marigoldff) and Aaron Jablonski (@exitsimulation), digital artists and active contributors to the NFT space for over a year. Each of the 8 characters were uniquely designed and 3D sculpted with a strong visual concept in mind.

Influenced by video games like Final Fantasy, the animated series Adventure Time, and Anime culture, they guided their creative team to realize this passionate collaboration.

PolyPixos teaser trailer

Get to Know the Project Co-founders

Giusy Amoroso — @marigoldff

Giusy Amoroso, aka Marigoldff, is a Berlin-based director, digital artist, and co-founder of IOR50 Studio. Her multi-dimensional, digital sculptures are characterized by crystalized aesthetics and often finished with a signature metallic edge. Already recognized by enthusiasts in the NFT world, her work is highly collectible. Converging science, technology, and nature, she seeks to share narratives of multiverses parallel to our own.


Aaron Jablonski — @exitsimulation

ExitSimulation, real name Aaron Jablonski, is a digital artist and creative technologist based in Berlin. He works in ways that enhance and examine our relationship to technology using XR, CGI, and creative coding. ExitSimulation’s creations are typically abstract, and his digital biological sculptures detail a tender yet alien presence. His passion is surreal sceneries and creatures, bringing them to life in virtual dreamscapes.


Executed by IOR50 studio

Focused on Art Direction, Animation & Visual Effects, the IOR50 team generates solutions using biased rendering, real-time engines, and experimental approaches. Supported by a team of international creatives, they have built a strong partnership, representing numerous agencies, brands, and collaborative artistic projects worldwide.

Highly regarded in the industry for their digital mastery and talents as artists, game designers, and storytellers, Marigoldff and ExitSimulation, have complied a portfolio of first rate clients.*

*Lol Esports, Riot Games, Nike, Nike SB, Harper’s Bazaar,

BBC, Cartoon Network IT, Reebok, Travis Scott,

The 1975, Dior, Dazed Beauty, Universal Music,

Transmoderna, Vice Media, Snap Inc.,

Boiler Room, TATE, Sony Music

and more.


Like many of us living through these times, the PolyPixos’ creators reflected on the present chaos. It revealed a universal experience … an increased separation from ourselves, nature, and each other. It unmasked a creative shift, and their concept for PolyPixos was unleashed.

Driven by their shared love of sacred geometry and visionary lore, they poured their creative energies into creating a NFT collection to address the ‘psychic epidemic’ facing humanity. The lore concept of PolyPixos was written in collaboration with Alfie Rustom (A.L.F.I.E) — Alfie has established himself as one of the world’s most innovative mission-driven NFT entrepreneurs. He specializes in the development of blockbuster franchises weaving environmental themes into highly successful multi-platform NFT strategies. Based in Los Angeles, he is the award-winning author of The BIOMAN Chronicles and is a leading expert in the fields of screenwriting, game design, and IRL social change.

A PolyPixos Mission ~ The Psychic Epidemic

Source: azquotes.com

Humanity is in a crisis — we are in the midst of a psychic epidemic. If it is ignored, then our world will be overcome by a permanent psychotic break from reality and a fall into universal madness. We are in need of healing — individually and collectively.

Failing to realign our extrasensory networks will result in the end of human existence, as well as causing massive disruption throughout the holographic Polyverse.

PolyPixos can assist in removing the barriers mapped into our personal and collective systems and lead us to find renewal and meaning outside our current dimension. Using their mystical powers, they are on a mission to prevent the collapse of the entire Polyverse into the polydimensional blackhole.

“As creators we wanted to design a character collectible around these subjects and bring a new aspect to the NFT community. Our aim is to create a transformative space; a journey where you can safely question parts of yourself, overcome trauma, and develop a deeper awareness of the collective problems in our society. There is no better time to address the crisis of mental health, which we all endure to different extents.”

We have committed to donating 1.5% of the secondary market revenue of this collection to the mental health cause fund through thegivingblock.com

Source: After Skool

Driven by delusional greed, power, and thoughts, we have created a destructive and dehumanizing cultural matrix, and the result is a systemic imbalance. The inability for all things to work in unity has diminished our capacity to live in true wholeness. Because everything is holographically connected, the entire Polyverse is contracting into a polydimensional blackhole.

Benevolent and playful … Encouraging and challenging … Each of the subspecies entices you to uncover layers of fear, mistrust, and disconnection. If you are accepting, then your PolyPixo is responding, and a more balanced world unfolds.

Imbalances in ourselves = Imbalances in the Polyverse

Each subspecies of Pixos is vibrationally attuned to heal and unblock one of 8 energetic micro-networks called Pakras. The Pakras are necessary in balancing our overall mental and physical health, emotions, and awareness. Moreover, our Pakras holographically connect us to the Polyverse. After fine tuning and restoration of your networks, the journey into the Polyverse begins…

The Polyverse

PolyPixos is the first complete species designed for the Polyverse, our ecosystem of NFTs based around Metaverse-ready 3D characters. Other species and mystical creatures will be joining the PolyPixos in future releases, as we build and evolve their multi-dimensional NFT universe.

The Polyverse Pass

The Polyverse Pass is a rare and limited alien artefact — a NFT in itself — reserved for our most engaged and dedicated PolyPixos Community members. Polyverse Pass holders enjoy the privilege of 3 reserved mints for PolyPixos and gain presale access for ALL future Polyverse releases.

Ultimately, all Polyverse Pass holders are members of an exclusive group, the Polyverse Citadel. This circle will receive insight into our developmental process, contribute to our decision making, and help us shape the future of the Polyverse.

Gifts from the Polyverse

Collect one of each subspecies of Polypixos, and you will unlock one of the ultra-rare Starseeds. Starseeds are special offerings from a higher dimension, and not everyone will be able to obtain one.

The creators, also captured each of the 8 subspecies in their native poly-dimensional world. These projections will be minted as exclusive 1/1 animated NFTs. All owners of a certain subspecies will be entered in a raffle with the chance to be awarded one of the 8 unique animated NFTs after the main release of PolyPixos.

Some information may change as we near release. This article is not intended for financial advice. Always do your own research and check the official PolyPixos discord, website, and latest tweets for updated information regarding this project!

Fake accounts may attempt to scam you.
Always use the official channels to verify all information.

The Journey is About to Start …

So to Break it ALL Down

1.8k unique NFT collectibles

Made up from 8 subspecies

7 different traits, over 50 Mio unique combinations

3D sculpted — Metaverse ready 3D characters

Created with digital expertise

Animated 1/1 editions to be raffled among holders






4,444 unique 3D characters generated from 8 custom subspecies each with a visionary aestethic. Let PolyPixos become your companions in the metaverse.